Principal's Message


Pushpa English Medium School gives special importance to identify the uniqueness of each student and facilitates their integral formation by inculcating higher level of discernment for excellence. We strive to make our students proactive and qualify them to guide the society into the bright light of truth where freedom, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity shall prevail supreme.

Each and every child entering Pushpa English Medium School is looked upon as a gift from God, and the school will endeavor to mould the character and personality of each and every student according to the values. Therefore the school aims at the all round development of the students, who are physically fit emotionally balanced, intellectually informed, morally upright, spiritually oriented, culturally integrated as well as socially conscious young man and women who will not only be good citizens but also dynamic agents of social changes.

Having enlightened of their heart and mind each and every student, therefore, will endeavor to be, proactive and will lead others into the mantra of the school is….

Lead me from darkness to light